Hang Out With My Dog:How to Hang out with Your Dog

Hanging out with your dog is a way to share time, build bonds, and enjoy each other’s company.

Play game together
There are many fun games you can play with your dog, such as:
Tug of War
Throw the ball and let your dog pick it up
see who can run faster
Blow bubbles and let your dog catch them.

Teach your dog tricks.
You can train your dog to do everything from grab people to bring you a beer.

Spend time in your dog’s world.
Hang out together in the backyard where the dog usually lives. Set up a recliner or rug on the grass and simply “hang out”, read, nap, sunbathe while chatting with your dog or just lay together. Communicating with nature together.

Groom your dog.
This is not a perfect beauty class. Just groom your dog while the two of you sit together.

Rub your dog’s belly.
Many dogs enjoy a good belly massage and have a high level of attention to them.

Take a photo or make a movie of your dog.
Let your dog perform tricks or do something fun, like run around like crazy, and snap it off.
You might even consider making a movie about the way the two of you spend time together.

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Hang Out With My Dog:How to Hang out with Your Dog

Large Dog Chew Toys

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Hang Out With My Dog:How to Hang out with Your Dog

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Hang Out With My Dog:How to Hang out with Your Dog


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