Finding The Best Dog Toys to Keep Your Furry Friend Occupied

October 15, 2022

Dogs may seem nice and cute on the outside, but they’re actually pretty hard to please, silently judging each and every toy you buy for them. Any dog owner will tell you that for the one perfect toy their dog loves, there were countless others quietly rejected and never touched. The perfect dog toy is tough to find, especially if you have a picky dog.

Finding the best dog toys to keep your furry friend thoroughly occupied even when you’re not around to play tug of war or throw a ball over and over (and over, and over) is definitely an option dog lovers should employ.

There are many dog toys to choose from, from frisbees and balls to squeakers, puzzles and food-oriented gadgets. But as any dog owner knows, a toy can be hit or miss. Maybe your pet shows zero interest in it — or worse, they chew or tug on it for a few minutes and it’s instantly shredded. So how do you find the best dog toys that are sure to guarantee hours of engagement and play? 

Since every dog has unique quirks and preferences, you’ll find a wide variety to choose from here. Whether your four-legged friend is a large dog or a small dog, a chewer or a tugger, you’re sure to find something they’ll love on this list. These are the best dog toys available that our dogs actually go crazy for.

Outward Hound Dog Tornado Puzzle

Dog Tornado Puzzle

When you have a dog that demands near-constant attention, you’ll do anything to keep them busy for a few minutes. I use this puzzle toy for just that. There are three swiveling trays where you can conceal treats, making your dog work for their reward. My pup has to use his snout to spin the trays to reveal the compartments, and I have to hope it keeps his brain sharp because he has to problem-solve to get all of the treats. I have the level two (intermediate) version and I would buy it again in a heartbeat. –-Sarah Mitroff

Fluff and Tuff Ball

Fluff and Tuff Ball

Most plush toys are no match for my dog, Junebug, who tears them to shreds within minutes. But this Fluff and Tuff ball takes her weeks to even get a thread loose. Consequently, she is obsessed with it and carries it with her everywhere (even though it’s way too big for her little body — an adorable bonus). She stays loyal to it even after it’s nothing but a sad, shredded, hollowed-out shell. Eventually I throw it out and buy her a new one and the cycle starts again. She’s on her third beach ball in about a year! Well worth the money. –-Kim Wong-Shing

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